Friday, October 31, 2014


Marriage is very important. I can't believe I'm getting married I'm excited and I know it's worth it but it's hard without being apart of the planning and having my eyes on indoc. It's tough to tell everyone to because it's such a big desicion and I don't have time to prove it right. I'm excited and happy and know I need and love Callie and that's what matters anyway.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I think ill blog again

I can't believe I blogged for 2 years it was so much fun, it showed me how much I've grown, tomorrow is indoc eval day so indoc has it's stress, I need God and I need to crush it. Callie and I are starting to plan our wedding and everything and letting people know which is hard to do because then I get everyone's commentary. So anyway long story short today's been tough but no worries you conquer it and complete it. I'm excited and scared to complete and crush indoc, I hope I do well and the cadre respect
Me when I graduate, I wish I was more cocky and this was easier for me but I'm not and it isn't. I'll do well through indoc I'll make it I know I will, I'm excited and just need to enjoy and embrace it. I miss Callie and hate growing distant from her, I love to baby her and give her everything she wants I really like making her happy. Home was nice but now I'm finally living outside my comfort zone everyday and life is much different outside your comfort zone, it teaches you way more outside your comfort zone. I've changed so much getting into the military it was the right desicion and God is truly carrying me through and guiding my life the right way. Everyday I will give my thanks to him. His love endures forever

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Things cannot be done without preparation. I'm ready I know I am, i will do this. I marked my gear today have a little more to do tomorrow and no stress this weekend maybe a small workout tomorrow I may run 6 miles. I feel good. Trust in God everyday all day. I love Callie so so so much. All is good. Trust in God and want it as bad as you want to breathe. .. So don't breathe

Thursday, September 25, 2014


This is Ben it's been forever since I've blogged I'm now in the airforce trying out for a hard job, I will make it I will perservere. But this is crazy and I'll start writing again to relive stress I love blogging and hope my family reads it. My life is about to change even more starting tomorrow!

Monday, July 21, 2014


My dad took us to a great Brazilian resteraunt the most expensive dinner that he's ever done. And Callie's mom cried it was so sweet I love Callie's family so much.

Leaving tomorrow morning

Holy shit I just keep crying thinking about leaving Callie I love her so much but have to make it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

This is my last blog

This is my last blog for a while tomorrow I'm going to Meps then Tuesday leaving for the airforce I'll write papers and stuff it'll be lots of fun. I'm excited about this life I'm going into and this is where life and God has taken me may he lead me foward and I tell good blogs till the day I die. Someday my blogs will be long and good again but I do like writing a short rant on what's going on. Today I saw Michael Bennett and josh. Micheal is now doing metal detecting and is doing amazing in it being the top your ├╝ber in metal detecting. Josh is going high into the army and exceeding in schools. Then I saw Brad today. Things have been well. Ill miss Callie the most and like crazy but this is it. It's the next chapter. May Callie and I stay together and I better become a fucking pj and grow closer to God.