Thursday, June 30, 2016

A scary journey to my 3rd try

I have to put in a lot of work and work my ass off because it is a long scary road to the national registry on my last try I have to pass so I can continue in this career field and be very dishearten if I fail.
I have studied a lot today then tomorrow will be the last day until my three day weekend which some people will start tomorrow so it is one hell of a week. And next three weeks. I will go to bed now because I'm tired and stressed .

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28th 2016

Life is so unpredictable that's why one of the most common quotes I hear is "life is like a box of chocolates". It's a winding path that you can never see far ahead in. Today Mat and Jessi and I went into our future study class. We learned the basics and had to take an online test and have to read 3 long chapters in a book. We are now getting hammered with study material and our days from now on will be 8am-4pm. It'll be long days with lots of studying. I have started working at the test again but it was a tough week with my Dad to recover from. Also last night was a crazy complication, my Dad flew home I had a sad day missing him and coming to realization about failing the test. Then Jimmy didn't give him a ride and I bought him an Lyft. I think I wrote that in yesterdays blog. Today I studied and got some other shit done. I have changed my workout today so that will start on Thursday. I hope to restart the bulking playing with a couple different workouts over the next 3-5 months. Today I started reading "amusing ourselves to death". I have slowly started to become more productive but I am a little overwhelmed because I have a lot of shit to do. I have to fix the car bumper hopefully the estimate is cheap enough and I need to send an email to the housing people with what some people fucked up in our yard as well as get the housing people to fix up some stuff inside the house. It'll be nice to get all that shit off my back and I'll do it soon. Then I have to hang up the disco ball and clean the garage. Hopefully It's all done very soon. Tomorrow will be an interesting day and I can't wait to get these to-do's behind me.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Failed the registry last wednesday, 5 days with my Dad and monday has came around

Today is mom day the 27th of June. Just a couple of days until July 4th. Today was a sad day. My Dad was here from Wednesday and left today so I had Thursday to Sunday of all full days with him and it went by so fast. He helped clean the house and bought us around $350 of booze. I drank so much beer and was buzzed for 50% of the time from Thursday to the weekend. I would drink from 1 to 2 and drink slowly throughout the day. Now my Dad left and I stopped drinking and I've felt a lot of pain and sadness. I'm so mad I failed the registry again. I know I'll pass t the next time but I'm feeling a bit depressed. My Dad's plane got fucked up today and so he missed his lay over flight and didn't get into charlotte till 12:30 and Jimmy and my Mom both didn't pick him up and there weren't any cabs available without others waiting before him. So I got him a Lyft. I hope he has a good driver who takes him home safely. My Dad was my first family member to visit me out here and that means a lot to me so I am very grateful. Tomorrow I will start an intense refresher course and my next test will be in a little over two weeks and once I pass it'll be such a grate feeling. Can't wait to move forward.
P.S. Callie and I have enough wine to drink each night for 6 months.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Booze booze booze 21 is good

Tonight I got o have a few drinks with friends. Drinks are very enjoyable I am so happy to be able to legally drink. Tonight Callie worked today I studied all day. Tomorrow hopefully I blog more I have so much to do again, need to get it done

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The 15th of june.

7 more days until I retest. The time flew by waiting. I am scared which is good because I need to study very hard. I pray to God I pass this retest very well. I feel like my mind has gotten off of track. I have a new idea to set goals and things I want to achieve to help myself be more productive again. Hopefully I will find the areas to make goals in something attainable and that I can achieve to work at everyday. Tonight Callie went out after a night at a wednesday night youth service. The service wasn't bad it talked about relationships but what I don't like about the church is that it doesn't focus on the bible it adds the bible to the sermon instead of the sermon being around the bible. Since my friendship with Brad and learning about friendship it has been interesting to evaluate people as future friends. I have noticed recently that a person I want to be friends with doesn't put his friends first unless it's a very specific friend and doesn't invite friends into his life but they have to fit his life. He can also be dishonest and has principles that I do not believe in. I do not like that and do not want to become that type of person. At the same time I have been struggling with learning how to make friends so I will have to work on that again. I have developed a lot more hate and anger and learned how to suppress my emotions more in the military. I use to find something I love about everyone but now I find almost one thing I don't like about everyone. Today I started the book mere christianity which I believe will be a great read. There are some religious books that are excellent reads and I'm hoping this will be one of them. In the introduction it talks about the world gentleman changing from its old meaning of someone with wealth and property and now it is a useless word that just describes a good or bad person/your opinion on someone when we have plenty of other words for that. The word gentleman use to be a fact not an opinionated judgment. I thought that was very interesting because it leads me to what I have always believe, communication is the most important thing for us as humans to learn. We are the only living creature that can communicate he way we do and there is a reason for that. A lot that I want to type but I need my rest. Hopefully tomorrow I'll remember to go into my opinion of love as a verb vs love as a noun.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Watching the new squadron establish

Today I had to wake up early to be a part of the public showing of the standing of our new squadron. It was a great experience. The problem was we left at 10:00 and were off for the day and I haven't been studying on my own which I really need to be doing. Callie and I ate chick-fill-a for lunch. We walked the dog a couple times and I got the new reader bumper to the car but it came in the wrong color so now I have to call and tell them tomorrow. I think I want tome the part in my hair over more towards the middle of my head. I need to start practicing instruments and develop a schedule when I have the day off or I tend to do nothing. I'll start working on that tomorrow. I ended the day with the movie "age of adeline" it was super cheesy and funny but it was a decent movie. It reminded me of Steph and her favorite film "tuck everlasting". So it wasn't a terrible day I just need to are more productive.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Cleaning duties... When we should be studying

Today we started a usual day of our Jon Puryear video in the morning. Then this afternoon we had to do cleaning duties. It's our third afternoon in a row we haven't been able to study on there time. It's pretty annoying because we plan our day around them making us studying and when we work instead in it doesn't prepare us for our national registry retest. Now unfortunately tomorrow our morning study will t they have chosen to lead our new squadron. Now to talk about the politics of today but keeping it brief. I am very upset about this shooting of a gay night club. Now homosexuals will be angry at gun laws and saying they are discriminated after the fact that gay marriage has been legalized and they are the ones to create gay nightclubs only to discriminate against themselves. This shooting only makes me angry at ISIS and makes me hope that there is a war in our near future, I would love to go out and fight them. I am also frustrated that this shooting will bring up new arguments against the second amendment. What sucks is this kind of thing only helps hilary and seems to hurt trump which is also annoying. The one good political thing I saw tonight (which I do not know if it was true) was obama making a decent speech about gun laws but I do not know if he is honest. So today wasn't a bad day over all I was done with my workout and work by 3:30 and Callie and I got to hangout. I was tired so I did sleep for a little bit and Callie and I ate leftovers. Tomorrow is Taco Tuesday and Alex and Ellysa called because we are making plans for camping or staying at their house Saturday night. Either way it will be fun and a good weekend with them. Hopefully tomorrow goes well and studying goes well. I can't wait to pass the national registry on the 22nd this month.